Simple Fall Decorating Ideas


Fall is here. Does your apartment decor represent the changing seasons? Use these fall decorating ideas to bring a touch of autumn into your space. Pumpkins are fun for decorating, but they become even classier when you spray paint them. Use silver and gold paint to give them a touch of style. Instead of spray panting your pumpkins, you could … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Best Local Cuisine with Fall Restaurant Week (11/9-20)

Taste greatness around Salem during November's Fall Restaurant Week! Source: Facebook

Whether you’re new in town or just want to try some new restaurants in Salem MA, the second week of November will be the time to do it. Why? Because of Fall Restaurant Week, that’s why! Every turn of the seasons, the Salem Chamber of Commerce sponsors a week to showcase the culinary options associated with that season. Starting November 9th and … [Read more...]

Candy Corn: A Holiday Favorite


When fall arrives, a few things are certain -- the leaves start changing color, the temperature drops, and candy corn starts appearing in candy stores. There are a couple of good candy stores near Salem that you need to explore. Visit to find candy corn and all of your other favorites. Ye Olde Pepper Companie Located at 122 Derby Street, this … [Read more...]

Halloween Events Near Salem

Terror Fantasies Art Show

As Halloween approaches, there are plenty of festive things to do in Salem in celebration of the holiday. Grab your friends and family members, and head to one of these exciting events for a day you'll always remember. The True 1692 Offering a spooky tale of colonial Salem, this movie tells stories of witchcraft like you've never heard before. … [Read more...]

World Pasta Day 2014


An exciting occasion is coming up on October 25th -- and occasion that will have all lovers of spaghetti, Alfredo, lasagna and other pasta dishes jumping for joy. It's World Pasta Day! An annual tradition begun in 1995, World Pasta Day honors this delicious and versatile food. How you you celebrate? By eating a plate of pasta, of course. There are a … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Apartment With Homemade Candles

Decorate Your Apartment With Homemade Candles

Did you know that candles are actually pretty easy to make? Here are tips on how to decorate using candles you've made yourself in your Hawthorne Commons home: Beeswax candles are the most basic candle you can make and a great starting point. Heat beeswax on the stove until it reaches 140 degrees F (no more than 185 degrees). Pour a small amount, just … [Read more...]

Treat Your Holiday Guests to Goodies From A & J King Artisan Bakers

Treat Your Holiday Guests to Goodies From A & J King Artisan Bakers

The holidays will be upon us before you turn around. With that said, you will probably want to start preparing for them so that you're ready to celebrate with family and friends. If you plan on hosting a holiday get together at home at our lovely Hawthorne Commons apartment community, you can get delicious treats for your guests at local bakeries. The best … [Read more...]

You Don’t Need a Gym For This Workout

You Don't Need a Gym For This Workout

Though our Hawthorne Commons residents have the use of a fitness center, we understand that there are times when you'd rather work out at home. If this is the case, here are some plank exercises you can do in your apartment:   Plank with donkey kick - Get into the standard plank position. Bring one knee toward your chest, then extend your leg … [Read more...]

Eliminate Toxins and Chemicals From Your Apartment

Eliminate Toxins and Chemicals From Your Apartment

For some, going green sounds good but complicated and expensive. Fortunately, neither have to be the case. One great way to start is by using some of these homemade all-natural cleaners around the home. They are eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, and make your home far more child and pet-friendly. Homemade Bathtub Scrub - Ground eggshells provide a … [Read more...]

Find the Perfect Playlist for Your Workout

Find the Perfect Playlist for Your Workout

Hawthorne Commons is equipped with a fitness center and a sparkling clean swimming pool. Everything you need to do your daily workout is right out your door. Of course, you'll also need good music to go with your exercise. Here are some ideas to help you put together great workout playlists. For invigorating workouts, you'll need energizing tunes … [Read more...]