Your Guide to Staying Fit at Home

in-home workout tips

Here at Hawthorne Commons, we know that our residents are always looking for ways to keep themselves fit and active. That's why we're proud to offer amenities such as our sparkling swimming pool and fitness center. Still, some people would simply rather work out alone. If you're looking for ways to get exercise in your apartment, here are some … [Read more...]

3 Popular Fall Color Trends for Decorating

fall decorating tips

We know that many of our residents enjoy combing through apartment design tips to find great new styles and ideas for how to design a creative apartment that feels like home. With fall right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about warm and comfortable decorating for that cozy autumn feeling. Here are three apartment design tips to … [Read more...]

4 Easy Ways to Live Green

green living tips

Whether your family has been going green for awhile now or is just getting started, you can always use new green living tips. Living in an environmentally-friendly way doesn't have to involve major changes to your lifestyle or habits. Seattlepi has several tips that show you just how easy it is to go green. If you have a desktop computer consider … [Read more...]

Visit Scratch Kitchen for a Great Sandwich

Scratch Sandwiches in Salem

At our Hawthorne Commons apartments, our newly-renovated gourmet kitchens will help you make tasty meals for your family in no time. However, when you don't feel like cooking, you're surrounded by a wide variety of Salem restaurants to get a good bite to eat. In the mood for a hearty and filling sandwich? Be sure to check out Scratch Kitchen. Located … [Read more...]

How to Pack for Your Summer Road Trip

road trip tips

We've shared apartment vacation tips for things you should do when you first arrive back home from vacation, but what about some tips you can use for your vacation itself? Summer is known for being the season for road trips, so we've rounded up a few helpful road trip tips for things you should pack before you hit the road: A fully-stocked … [Read more...]

How to Babyproof Your Apartment

baby-proofing an apartment

Having a baby has a huge influence on all aspects of your life, and your apartment living is no exception! From keeping your home clean with kids and making countless afternoon snacks, there are so many things to do as your little baby grows up- including baby-proofing your apartment as soon as your little one starts wanting to explore. Here … [Read more...]

Three Great Bike Rides to Go On Near Boston

Bike Trails near Salem MA

If you want to find new things to do in Boston, you're in luck- our city offers a nearly endless supply of places to see and fun things to try. One way to have fun while improving your health & fitness is to explore one of the many fantastic bike trails near Boston. If you're not sure where to go, here are three ideas for free bike trails near … [Read more...]

Boston Restaurants: Visit the Silvertone for a Great Meal

silvertone bar and grill

Here at Hawthorne Commons, we're big fans of great food. We love sharing great Boston restaurants and our favorite recipes with our residents, and we've got another great restaurant for you to check out! It's called the Silvertone Bar and Grill, and they offer primarily American-style comfort food. From their Shepherds Pie to their macaroni and … [Read more...]

Green Living Tips: Keep Cool Without the AC

tips for keeping cool this summer

We've mentioned before how you can use green living tips to lower your heating bills during our chilly Salem winters, but did you know that you can use green living tips to lower your cooling bills during the warm summer months as well? Here are a few ideas you can use to keep your apartment cool using less AC this summer! Only open your windows … [Read more...]

Getting Home From Vacation? Do These Three Things First

apartment living tips

We're always finding and sharing ideas for new things to do around town in our blog, but for one reason or another, you're probably going to find yourself needing to go out of town at some point. When you do, you'll probably have a long list of things to do when you get back, but here are three apartment living tips you might want to make time for when … [Read more...]