Restaurant Spotlight: A&B Burgers

True to it's name, A&B Burgers boasts some of the tastiest burgers found near your Salem apartments.  Source: Facebook

American cuisine often gets a bad rap and seen as simple and easy to dismiss. Yet anyone who has had a great burger grilled outdoors knows that ‘simple’ food is often the best. So why shouldn’t something as American as the hamburger deserve better than served in greasy fast-food joints? That’s where A&B Burgers comes in! A&B Burgers wants … [Read more...]

Children Eat Free at the Naumkeag Ordinary with an Adult Entree

The Naumkeag Ordinary boasts terrific food and drinks, and makes for a great dinner spot for your next date night.  Source: Facebook

When you were a teen and setting up a night out, the biggest issues were money and transport. Now some friends work late, some have kids, some want to drink, other’s want a family-friendly meal. Make going out easier by choosing the Salem restaurant which has something for you and all your friends: Naumkeag Ordinary! Located in the historic downtown … [Read more...]

Enjoy Tuesday and Thursday Night Wine Tasting at Salem Wine Imports

Salem Wine Imports boasts weekly wine tastings on Tuesday or Thursday nights at 6:30pm.  Source: Facebook

Like craft beers, wine is making serious in-roads onto the American palate. No longer seen as just the drink to pair up with elegant dinner, wine has lost that image which has kept it away from so many Americans. Yet the choices of which wine to drink and with what can be perplexing. Let the experts at Salem Wine Imports help you know what to drink and when … [Read more...]

Live Irish Music at O’Neill’s Irish Pub

O’Neill’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is a terrific place for anyone looking to relax with friends or to hear some fantastic traditional and modern Irish music.  Source: Facebook

Salem may be known mostly for witches but it’s a Massachusetts town and that means it has strong Irish roots. And where you have the Irish, you have world class pubs! You will find this to be true if you head down to 120 Washington Street in Salem and stop in for a pint at O’Neill’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. The food is an eclectic mix of Irish … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Jazzy Brunch at Nathaniel’s Restaurant

In addition to their tasty meals, Nathaniel's Restaurant also boasts terrific live performances from local jazz musicians.  Source: Facebook

Sunday is traditionally seen as the day of rest especially after a night out on Saturday. But the day need not be boring! Not when you can sit down to an elegant brunch in the Historic Downtown of Salem and enjoy a Jazz Brunch Buffet at Nathaniel’s Restaurant! Nestled in the historic Hawthorne Hotel (named after Salem’s own Nathaniel Hawthorne) you … [Read more...]

Sweet Delights: Peppermint Cream-Filled Butter Cookies

This recipe for peppermint cream filled butter cookies is sure to be a hit at your next holiday party.  Source:

During this upcoming holiday season, you will probably be happily puttering around your home at our lovely Hawthorne Commons apartment community. Even if you are not hosting a big holiday party, you can still have close friends and family members over for great refreshments. Why not bake them some yummy holiday cookies that they will absolutely love? One of … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Alternatives To Try This Year

Indoor Ladder

The holidays are now just around the corner. If you are planning on celebrating at home at our beautiful Hawthorne Commons apartment community, you will probably want to put up some holiday home decor. However, if you are allergic or are simply not a big fan of Christmas trees, you might want to try some alternatives that are just as … [Read more...]

December 18th Is National Bake Cookies Day, Check Out These Tasty Recipes

Bake Cookies Day2

While you are puttering around at home at our lovely Hawthorne Commons apartment community this month, you might want to try a few great new cookie recipes. This will give you plenty of time for National Bake Cookies Day, which takes place on Thursday, December 18, 2014. Here are some tasty recipes to try your hand at in honor of the day. For … [Read more...]

3 Perfect Cookies for Your Next Holiday Party

Here are some recipes for tasty cookies that are sure to be a hit at your next holiday party.  Source: AverieCooks

If you'll be hosting a holiday part this December, you'll want to prepare some delightful dessert items that will impress your guests. Below are three tasty holiday cookie recipes you can try out at your Hawthorne Commons apartment: Powder Puff Cookies- This cookies have a Hershey Kiss at their centers and look like little snowballs piled together on a … [Read more...]

See the Grinch Retold at the Gallows Hill Theatre

Find holiday hilarity at the Gallows Hill Museum and Theatre's A Very Grinchy Holiday Special. Source:

Enjoy great times with friends and family this December by taking advantage of the most holiday events in Salem taking place near your Hawthorne Commons home. One great holiday event that's being offered by the Gallows Hill Museum and Theatre is A Very Grinchy Holiday Special. A Very Grinchy Holiday Special is a fun and clever holiday tale that will … [Read more...]