How to Babyproof Your Apartment

baby-proofing an apartment

Having a baby has a huge influence on all aspects of your life, and your apartment living is no exception! From keeping your home clean with kids and making countless afternoon snacks, there are so many things to do as your little baby grows up- including baby-proofing your apartment as soon as your little one starts wanting to explore. Here … [Read more...]

Looking Forward to Spring? Take a Kayak Tour

Tidal Kayak Tour

If you're looking for things to do in the Salem area why not consider taking a kayak tour? Spring is here and a kayak tour of the marshes of Cape Cod is a fantastic family day that kids and adults will adore. Great Marsh Kayak Tours offer a variety tours including a sunset tour to view the spectacular sunset of Cape Cod Bay, tidal, and marsh tours. … [Read more...]

Get Delicious Baked Goods at A&J King Artisan Bakers

A&J King Artisan Bakery in Salem

A&J King Artisan Bakers is an award-winning organic bakery.  They make Artisan style breads from scratch on a daily basis and distribute to many grocery outlets throughout the Boston area. What makes A&J’s bakery one of the best bakeries in Boston? Methods A&J’s does not have a specific recipe that they use to make their bread. … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Pet Care


Our beautiful Hawthorne Commons apartment community should prove to be a wonderful home to you and your furry, feathered or scaled friends. This is because our pet-friendly apartments in Salem want you to have the best possible life together. In addition to nice accommodations, you can take better care of your pet with some important tips. Getting pet … [Read more...]

Five Great Items to Complete an Apartment

hawthorne commons

Maybe you've just moved to our Hawthorne Commons community, and you're looking for the last few pieces to make your new place feel like home, or you're looking to improve your current Hawthorne space. Put the finishing touches on your apartment's design with these helpful items! Furniture for storage, or bins to help corral loose items, can transform … [Read more...]

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

cooking the perfect thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and with that you are probably preparing to have guests. One thing most people stress about, is how to go about cooking a Thanksgiving turkey so that it is juicy and will thrill your guests. Hosting Thanksgiving at your apartment can be stressful, but when it comes to your turkey, you can rest at ease following these … [Read more...]

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner? Keep the Kids Table Happy

kids at thanksgiving dinner

You have the whole Thanksgiving feast planned out, you know what your going to cook and how your going to set the table. The only thing left to do, is to figure out how to keep the kids entertained. Here are a few tips on entertaining kids on Thanksgiving, so that the adults can relax and enjoy themselves. Have a few activities the kids can do so … [Read more...]

Pet Owner 101: Know Your Breed’s Health Risks

Pet Owner 101: Know Your Breed's Health Risks

Your four-legged friend is probably a wonderful joy to have in your life at Hawthorne Commons. That is exactly why you have to be just as excited in knowing how to be a responsible pet owner so that your pet does not encounter problems that are easily preventable. When it comes to your dog’s health you must be keenly aware of their breed’s health … [Read more...]

Become Our Facebook Fan to Stay “In the Know”

Become Our Facebook Fan to Stay "In the Know"

Living in Salem means you can take full advantage of many of the local activities and events that are in and around this wonderful residential community. That is why when it comes to being a resident at Hawthorne Commons, folks are clamoring to become a Facebook fan so that they stay in the know about all the cool stuff that is right where they live. For … [Read more...]

New England Vet Clinic is Convenient Pet Care in Salem

New England Vet Clinic is Convenient Pet Care in Salem

We all may not realize just how important our pets love and affections are until they get sick. Then, our entire energies seemed to be focused on just getting them better and getting their pet-love back. Of course there are numerous vets in Salem, but you likely don't have the time or inclination to go through all of them with a fine tooth comb. As much … [Read more...]